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These Terms and Conditions set forth the main terms and conditions applying to and governing the usage of the Service. In order to provide any services via using the Eloboosting.online Platform you must agree to the terms and conditions that are set forth below.

Please read the following Terms and Conditions carefully before using the Service. If you do not agree with the Terms and Conditions, you cannot use the Service. These Terms and Conditions apply to any use of the Service.

1. Definitions
1.1. Eloboosting.online Services – services that Eloboosting.online provides, including provision and maintenance of the website, customer support, communication between the Player and the Customer and other similar services.

1.2. Eloboosting.online Platform – technology connecting Customers with Players to help them achieve their goals in video games.

1.3. Customer (also referred to as “you” or “your”) – a person requesting assistance in a video game by using the Eloboosting.online Platform.

1.4. Player (also referred to as “booster” or “coach”) – the person providing assistance in the specified video game via the Eloboosting.online Platform. Each Player will get a personal Player profile to use in the Eloboosting.online Platform.

1.5. Digital Service – any non-physical service a Player is providing to the Customer whose request the Player has accepted through the Eloboosting.online Platform.

2. Using Eloboosting.online Service
2.1. Eloboosting.online provides an information society service through Eloboosting.online Platform that enables mediation of the requests for Digital Services between the Customers and Players and Eloboosting.online does not provide specified Digital Services. These Digital Services are provided by Players under a contract (with you) for the execution of the specified services. Players provide Digital Services on an independent basis (either in person or via a company) as economic and professional service providers. Eloboosting.online is not responsible in any way for the fulfilment of the contract entered into between the Customer (you) and the Player. Disputes arising from consumer rights, legal obligations or from law applicable to the provision of Digital Services will be resolved between the Customers and Players. Data regarding the Players and their Digital Services is available in the Eloboosting.online Platform and receipts for Digital Services are sent to the email address listed in passenger’s profile.

2.2. The Customer (you) enters into a contract with the Player for the provision of Digital Services via the Eloboosting.online Platform. If you wish, you may also choose to pay a Tip to the Player via the use of Eloboosting.online In-app Payment. We may limit the maximum value of a Tip at our sole discretion.

2.3. Eloboosting.online may send you promotional codes on a per promotion basis. Promotional code credit can be applied towards payment on completion of a Digital Service or other features or benefits related to the service and/or a Third Party’s service and are subject any additional terms that are established on a per promotional code basis. Expiration dates of promo codes will be reflected in Eloboosting.online Platform once you have applied the promo code to your account.

2.4. If your Digital Service amount exceeds the redeemable credit allocated to your Digital Service, the balance will be automatically deducted from your accounts payment method. Similarly, a promotional code credit only applies on a per order basis and cannot carry over to a next order and therefore will be forfeited. Only one promotional code may be applied per order.

2.5. Eloboosting.online reserves the right to cancel any promotional code at any time for any reason. This includes, but is not limited to, if Eloboosting.online deems that codes are being used in an unlawful or fraudulent manner, those issued mistakenly, and those which have expired.

3. In-app Payments
3.1. You can pay for the Digital Services with a card or other payment methods as and when available through Eloboosting.online Platform. By providing Eloboosting.online In-app Payment service, Eloboosting.online acts as commercial agent for the providers of the Digital Services. Every Player has authorised Eloboosting.online as their commercial agent for the mediation of conclusion of contracts between the Player and the Customer, including the power to accept payments from the Customers and to forward the payments to the Player. Your obligation to the provider of the Digital Service will be fulfilled when the payment order is given to transfer funds to Eloboosting.online s’ bank account. You, as a Customer are responsible for ensuring that the payment takes place and ensuring that sufficient funds are available.

3.2. You may choose to pay a Tip to the Player using the Eloboosting.online In-app Payment service. The Tip can be paid via the In-app Payment by means authorised by Eloboosting.online for that purpose. Eloboosting.online will hold a small commission for the brokerage of the Tip and the Tip will be transferred to the player excluding the commission and any taxes, if applicable. Eloboosting.online reserves the right to withhold the Tip, if the payment of the Tip is suspected as being fraudulent, illegal, for a purpose other than as a gratuity related to the service provided or used in conflict with Eloboosting.online Terms and Conditions.

3.3. When making payments by Eloboosting.online In-app Payment, Eloboosting.online receives your payments and forwards money to the Player. Eloboosting.online may ask additional data from you to verify payment method.

3.4. When making payments by Eloboosting.online In-app Payment for Digital Services, Eloboosting.online is not responsible for possible third-party payment costs (e.g mobile operators, bank fees). These service providers may charge you additional fees when processing payments in connection with the Eloboosting.online In-app Payment. Eloboosting.online is not responsible for any such fees and disclaims all liability in this regard. Your payment method may also be subject to additional terms and conditions imposed by the applicable third-party payment service provider; please review these terms and conditions before using your payment method.

3.5. Eloboosting.online will be responsible for the functioning of Eloboosting.online In-app Payment and provide support in resolving problems. The resolution of disputes related to Eloboosting.online In-app Payment also takes place through us. For payment support service please contact: eloboostingonline@gmail.com. Inquiries submitted by e-mail or Eloboosting.online Platform will receive a response within ten business days. Eloboosting.online will resolve Eloboosting.online In-app Payment related complaints and applications within 20 business days.

4. Ordering and cancelling Digital Services
4.1. If you order a Digital Service and the Player has agreed to undertake the work then the Digital Service is considered to be ordered.

4.2. Once a Player confirms that he/she will fulfil your order, you will enter into a separate agreement with the Player for the provision of the Digital Services on such terms and conditions as you agree with the Player. Eloboosting.online does not provide Digital Services and is not a party to your agreement with the relevant Player.

4.3. Cancelling the use of an ordered Digital Service is considered to be the situation where the Player has replied to your request and you subsequently reject, cancel or refuse the Digital Service. When a Digital Service request is cancelled after certain time period you are required to pay a cancellation fee.

4.4. If you cancel a Digital Service request on multiple successive instances within 24-hour we may temporarily block your account for warning. After multiple such warnings, we may suspend your account for longer period (e.g 6 months). After that period you could ask to reactivate your account and your application will be reviewed by Eloboosting.online .

4.5. Sometimes Player may decide to cancel your request, please note that Eloboosting.online is not responsible for such situations.

4.6. It is possible that the Player adjusts the order price upon discovering additional information that might increase the complexity or time to complete the specific order.

5. Liability
5.1. As the Eloboosting.online app is an information society service (a means of communication) between Customers and Players, we cannot guarantee or take any responsibility for the quality or the absence of defects in the provision of Digital Services. As the usage of Eloboosting.online Platform for requesting Digital Services depends on the behaviour of the Players, Eloboosting.online does not guarantee that you will always have offers available for the provision of the Digital Services.

5.2. The Eloboosting.online Platform does not offer or broker Digital Services for Customers. It is also not an agency service for finding Customers for Players. The Eloboosting.online Platform is used as the means for organising the provision of Digital Services.

5.3. The consumer’s right of refund is not applied to Eloboosting.online Platform orders. Requesting a refund from the Digital Service does not withdraw you from the agreement in the course of which the provision of the Digital Service was ordered.

5.4. The Eloboosting.online Platform is provided on an “as is” and “as available” basis. Eloboosting.online does not represent, warrant or guarantee that access to Eloboosting.online Platform will be uninterrupted or error free. In case of any faults in the software, we will endeavour to correct them as soon as possible, but please keep in mind that the functioning of the app may be restricted due to occasional technical errors and we are not able to guarantee that the app or website will function at all times, for example a public emergency may result in a service interruption.

5.5. Eloboosting.online , its representatives, directors and employees are not liable for any loss or damage that you may incur as a result of using Eloboosting.online Platform or relying on it, including but not limited to:

5.5.1. any direct or indirect property damage or monetary loss;

5.5.2. loss of profit;

5.5.3. loss of business, contracts, contacts, goodwill, reputation and any loss that may arise from interruption of the business;

5.5.4. loss or inaccuracy of data; and

5.5.5. any other type of loss or damage.

5.6. The financial liability of Eloboosting.online in connection with breach of the contract will be limited to 500 euros. You will have the right to claim for damages only if Eloboosting.online has deliberately violated the contract. Eloboosting.online will not be liable for the actions or inactions of the Player and will not be liable for damages that the Player causes to the Customer.

5.7. You agree to fully indemnify and hold Eloboosting.online , their affiliate companies, representatives, employees and directors harmless from any claims or losses (including liabilities, damages, costs and expenses of any nature) that they suffer as a result of your use of the Eloboosting.online Platform.

5.8. Eloboosting.online may immediately end your use of the Eloboosting.online Platform if you breach these Terms and Conditions or we consider it necessary to protect the integrity of Eloboosting.online or the safety of Players.

6. Good practice using Eloboosting.online Platform
6.1. We ask to fill out a feedback form in the Eloboosting.online Platform. This enables us to offer suggestions to the Players for improving the quality of their service.

6.2. We expect that you use Eloboosting.online Platform in good faith and be respectful of the Players who offer their services through Eloboosting.online Platform. Eloboosting.online retains the right to close your account if you have violated the terms set out in this Terms and Conditions or if your activities are malicious, i.e. withholding payment for the provision of the Digital Service, fraud, being disrespectful towards the Players, etc. In these cases, your Eloboosting.online Platform account may be revoked without prior notice.

6.3. Eloboosting.online will make every effort to ensure that only Players, who have integrity and are respectful of their profession and Customers, use the Eloboosting.online Platform. However, we are in no position to guarantee that every provider of Digital Services, located by the Eloboosting.online Platform, satisfies the aforementioned criteria at all times. If you experience objectionable Digital Service, please notify our customer support.

7. Amendments to the Terms and Conditions

7.1. If any substantial amendments are made to the Terms and Conditions, then you will be notified by e-mail or Eloboosting.online Platform notifications. If you continue using Eloboosting.online Platform, you will be deemed to accept the amendments.